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Strategic Issues

        To achieve the main goals of the Thai Public Sector Development, OPDC sets up the key strategies
and objectives to support Thailand’s 20 - year National Strategy (2017 - 2036).

        The 1st Strategy: Developing of government agencies’ services

        To promote and develop excellence public services of government agencies, leverage service efficiency and
innovation for easy access and diversities and meet the needs of the people, as well as private sector participation.

        The 2nd Strategy: Revising roles, mission and government agencies’ structure.

        To improve roles, mission and structure of government agencies according to the country policies and
strategies by focusing on the indispensable and worthy mission as well as the administrative system for high
performance government agencies.

        The 3nd Strategy : Implementing integrative administration

        To develop the integrated administration system among central, regional and local government, holistically,
through the participatory state , design the structure and management to support driven strategy as well as
integrated evaluation system to increase the government agencies’ capacity for country development.

        The 4th Strategy: Developing of human resource management system and personal capability

        To develop government executives to be high-performance leader with the internationally acceptable
as well as recruit and grow-up of young-generation to the public sector.

        The 5th Strategy : Anti-corruption and misconduct

        To strengthen the integrity system, improve government transparency and reduce the judgment of public
official in order to create a good image and trust in Thai public sector.

        The 6th Strategy : Revising of laws and regulations related to public administration

       To revise and adjust laws and regulations for up-to-date and be fair in order to support the public
administration and changes.